United Sustainability Theory_V2

The theory underlying the digital sustainability platform

The theory underlying the digital sustainability platform
We see the world as nested complex adaptive systems
Two particular divisions "macro-systems" of these can be earth system and the social system. These systems need to be resilient in order to self-perpetuate in time
All systems require learning, diversity and self-organisation. Social systems require trust and common meaning-making as well in order to be resilient.
To ensure that these systems attain this we need to respect certain principles.
When we concretize these we find that they coincide perfectly with the empirical theories regarding planetary boundaries, human motivation and well-being as well as empirical work regarding trust and social cohesion. 

Furthermore we can more clearly link sustainable development to a business case and show why the economic aspect of sustainability is different in its essence from the other two aspects. 

Economic success is fundamentally linked with the well-being of our natural and social systems.
This approach helps us handle sustainable development systematically and concretize for our particular organisation, with our values and priorities.
This needs to be done in a stepwise, iterative, backcasting approach since the nature of complex adaptive systems can only be managed through this mode of thinking.

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