Focus way of working adoption

How can the FOCUS coaches stimulate the adoption of FOCUS way of working?

How can the FOCUS coaches stimulate the adoption of FOCUS way of working?
It's our goal to support teams to make customers happy and the employees in the teams.
Adoption starts bottom-up, but it always needs top-down support
It's our task to train and coach teams, while making sure the MT supports changes needed. This can be a X-matrix session or an executive training.
Goal of training and coaching is to get more customer value and improvements that make the customer happy. We do this with team coaching, getting a multi skilled team setup and clear goals and mandate for the team.
The multi skilled team setup, team coaching and clear mandate will increase focus, reduce hand-overs between teams and will therefor increase the speed of delivery.
Increased speed of delivery will provide more increments that give customer value.
Improvements to products of processes are dependent on resources made available for product development or problem solving. X-matrix sessions should provide purpose and urgency to do this and plan for the required resourcing.
Improvements and product increments bring value to the customer.
Which makes both the customer happy and the employees.
In order to create the right value, you have to talk to the customer and get feedback.
Happy customers make great show cases, both on improvements and new product features.
Show case promote the FOCUS way of working to the senior management.
The Show cases make the re-enforcing loop complete.

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