Script Mgmt Process

The process as currently understood for developing and managing the scripts associated with videos and webinars.

The process as currently understood for developing and managing the scripts associated with videos and webinars.
Begin with an understanding of what the video or webinar is to convey. This should be a concise description that will end up in several places.
Develop the sequence of elements to be employed in the presentation via the web page. If the intent is to create a single Insight Maker model then the intent should be included in the description for the model.
Write the script which explains what's intended to be conveyed with the content of each URL.
Now that the script has been completed the webinar has to be delivered, using GoToWebinar, or the video recorded, using Techsmith Snagit.
If the intent is to create a webinar then the intent goes on the webinars page where individuals register for the webinar. The registration URL from GoTo Webinar will be added to the registration time.
A webinar has to be scheduled in GoToWebinar and should contain the intent as initially developed along with the time scheduled.
Techsmith Snagit is currently the preferred utility for creating screen videos.
There may be a related links to this intent which should be captured as part of the effort.
Once the video is recorded it's uploaded to the Systems Thinking World YouTube Channel. The Intent and relevant links are added. Include either the links for the components used in the video or a link to where the links can be accessed. There may also be related links that should be included.
Tab List, which is a Chrome plugin, is used to grab the list of open URLs so we can add them to the script document.
The current intent is that the Script Doc is a Google Docs file. The Intent, Tab List, Script, and Video URL, are all components of the script document. If there are multiple iterations of the video crated then each one should be listed in the Script Doc. When the webinar is to be done again or the video recreate the URLs are copied and posted into Tab List to open all the components.
If what is being created is a components of EaBT then embed the intent, the video, and components list where appropriate in one of the maps. If there are associated relevant links then include them also.
The Script Doc and the Video are indexed in Diigo to make it easy to look them up in the future. If there are revisions to the video all iterations should be indexed, not just the last one.
While this is the first iteration of the process it is expected that as soon as it is used we'll learning things that require that it be evolved. You may also watch the associated video.

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