C8 Cultural

Just recently, there was a huge problem that ended about C8, a deadly chemical, that was poured into lakes and rivers by DuPont, a company that sold nylon. This chemical caused a huge consensus, many birth defects, and cows with green insides spraying blood from many places.

Just recently, there was a huge problem that ended about C8, a deadly chemical, that was poured into lakes and rivers by DuPont, a company that sold nylon. This chemical caused a huge consensus, many birth defects, and cows with green insides spraying blood from many places.

This is where we begin...

DuPont has just began their relentless cow-killing adventure.

Right now, there is no C8 in the water.

Oh yeah. Look at the second images on article mode because I cannot program this thing very well.

When the AMOUNT OF C8 starts to increase, people get angry. That is why there is a positive arrow connectingAmount of C8 and Anger about C8.The amount of C8 increases the Anger about C8. The more C8 there is, the more victims there are. That means parents who had children with birth defects because of C8 or those children themselves. Also, victims include farmers that had their cattle killed by C8 (sometimes in entire droves at a time). This is sad, but true...

Now, we will talk about the reputation of the two parties in this situation:DuPont and the victims! The victims and DuPont are fighting for supporters and DuPont wants money while the victims want safety and protection for themselves and their family. Because of this, there is a reinforcing loop. There is a negative arrow from Reputation of the victims to DuPont's Reputation, and vice versa.

There is also something else contributing to the anger of C8. It is the reputation of the victims and DuPont. They both decrease and increase the anger. The bystanders of this conflict keep switching sides!

Also, the number of victims increases their reputation because people start to realize how the victims are being harmed. 

There is also a reinforcing loop on the anger about C8 and the reputation of the victims, because people start to feel love for the victims who are harmed, and then they get angry at the people that started the C8 business in the first place. 

The most important money factor here is the profit of DuPont. If people get angry at DuPont, they will do something like boycott the company. The more reputation that DuPont has, the more profit it will gain because people would want to buy their products. 
DuPont has to release C8 to keep their business going, so in a way, DuPont's C8 output increases their profit directly, but in the long run (over time), it decreases it indirectly.
The other money factor is the employees at DuPont. DuPont needs employees to run the business and keep secrets from the government.
More employees will come if DuPont has a good reputation, but if they don't have a good reputation, the employee count will decrease.
The more employees, the more reliance there is on DuPont because more people make money and a living off of DuPont. Because of the reliance on DuPont, people start to be on their side, because they are giving them a living.
Now for the safety!
Of course, the C8 amount directly decreases safety levels because cows eventually die by the droves before you can say "That cow is coughing up blood!"
The safer Parkersburg is, the more attractive DuPont will become for employees, but the more employees there are, people are in more hazardous conditions, decreasing the overall safety level. 
The last item we have here is the population of Parkersberg. The anger about C8 decreases the population because people decide to go "HUMPH!" and stomp away from the town. The reputation of DuPont does not only attract employees, but the general public as well, so the population would increase by the reputation of DuPont.
Probably the most important relationship of this item is how the safety levels of Parkersberg increases the population because people are not as worried about the contamination.
The amount of C8 in the water increases as DuPont is making products. As I have said many times, cattle die by the droves. After that, DuPont gets caught a bit and reduces their release rate, then keeps going until they are busted for good!
Because of the C8 increase, there are many more birth defects. In fact, in the article that I read from, there were many people that were effected by the incident that were written about.
The anger about C8 kept increasing until the end of the story, when the C8 problem was solved. After that, the anger and chaos died down. 
Because of this anger, the reputation of the victims followed nearly the same path, but steered off a bit because of the competition of supporters with DuPont.
The reputation of DuPont went up shortly but more than surely at the beginning, but when people started discovering that they were releasing C8, the reputation of DuPont plateaued for a bit before going down when they started burning documents.
The reason that it plateaued for a while before going down was because of the reliance on DuPont. People liked DuPont because it gave them a living. 
The amount of employees at DuPont either increased of plateaued, and it desperate times, it shortly went down, but people rely on this billion-dollar-company on their lives because they need money, food, shelter, and electricity.
Because of the C8, the safety levels went down in the beginning, but when the problem was solved, the safety levels started rising because DuPont was busted for good (I have ended two messages with that)!
The population decreases when the C8 is discovered, and it probably kept decreasing until the problem was over. It also may have increased a bit shortly when DuPont was doing very well. 
The profit at the beginning of DuPont shot up, but when layers came and investigated them, they had to reduce some things, reducing their profit. Then, they started increasing their profit again. Suddenly, it shot down when people figured out exactly what they were doing. 
There is also one archetype in this that I found. It is the Limits to Success archetype. The effort is the amount of anger about C8. The Performance is the reputation of the victims, going forward in solving the problem. The number of victims and the reputation is sort of a backfiring loop. It only decreases the increase in the performance rather decreasing the performance overall. The number of victims is the limiting actions, and the constraint is the Amount of C8 because that makes the company of DuPont more "powerful" putting a limit to this system. 

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