System Examples

Examples of Systems.

Examples of Systems.
To clarify the concepts presented in "System" a number of example systems will be presented with notes.
A car takes allows one to drive from A to B. Some of its parts are critical to that function, some are not.
A clock is an entity which measures the passage of time.  And this particular clock seems to be an alarm clock that will ring at the time it was set for. None of the parts alone keep time.
The gravitational attraction between the planets and the sun maintains the planets in their orbits. The solar system is a system.
The interaction between the person, the faucet and the glass represent a system for filling the water glass. All three elements must interact for the system to fulfill its purpose.
Water, a liquid at room temperature, is composed of hydrogen and oxygen, two gasses satisfies the criteria for being a system. And many water molecules together produce the characteristic of wetness which is not a property of any of its parts.
You put money in a savings account and based on the interest rate the bank periodically pays you interest. The savings account exhibits a property of growth which can not be found as a property of any of the elements in the interaction.
A pile of bricks is just a pile of bricks. If you take one away it's still a pile of bricks. The pile is not a system. If you stack the bricks and use them to hold up the corner of a porch then they become part of a system.
Systems result from the mutual interaction of their parts and demonstrate characteristics which cannot be found in any of their parts.

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