Habits of a Systems Thinker

There are a number of habits that one should practice to improve their Systems Thinking skills.

There are a number of habits that one should practice to improve their Systems Thinking skills.
One of the best diagrams found which depicts the habits a systems thinker should embrace when working to understand and improve a situation.
Be sure to get a broad perspective of the situation. Don't get lost in the details.
This about what you think about the situation and why you think that.
Share your thoughts with others AND listen to their ideas. What's important are the best ideas rather than who's ideas.
Understanding often takes time so be patient while continuing to seek good ideas.
There are at lest two sides to everything and things tend to look different from different sides. Sometimes looking at things from different sides is just what's needed for understanding.
The situation may seem to be an event though there were changes that happened over time leading up to the current situation. Seeking out these patterns often provides new understanding.
Seek out and understand the connections responsible for the changes over time you've identified. It is the structure that is responsible for the current situation.
Look for ways to modify the connections so the system works better in the future.
There are usually places within the system where small changes can have a big impact on the results. These keys to the system are most helpful for change.
If we change things seldom is there only one effect. Figure out what all the implications of the proposed change might be. Finding out before is better than after.
How we think about things influences our actions. We need to consider what assumptions we've made along the way and is our thinking valid.
Check the results from the changes made and determine if adjustments are needed to ensure the system continues to get better and better.
This model is an overlay of the diagram created by Roger Frijns and Djamilla van Zandbeek-Rouschop at Inspiration Learning.
And while this map is a marvelous depiction of the Habits of a Systems Thinker, what's missing?

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