Bird Feeder Dilemma

All you wanted to do was put a bird feeder in your yard to attract birds and make for a more pleasant morning. And...

All you wanted to do was put a bird feeder in your yard to attract birds and make for a more pleasant morning. And...
As you sit eating breakfast you notice a number of [birds outside at breakfast] on the railing which seems to create a [pleasant morning].
After several mornings of seeing [birds outside at breakfast]  and thinking of the [pleasant morning] it encourages you to make a [bird feeder] hoping that it will attract more birds.
You successfully make a [bird feeder], set it up in the garden, and find it does attract [birds at feeder].
More [birds at feeder] does seem to make for a more [pleasant morning] just as you desired. But don't stop here for the story isn't over.
More [birds at feeder] increases the [attractiveness of garden] which would seem to be a good thing.
The improved [attractiveness of garden] attracts more [birds at feeder] and adds to the [pleasant morning]. This seems to be an added benefit you hadn't initially thought about. 
[frustration] about various things typically detracts from your [pleasant morning] though the [pleasant morning] helps deal with the [frustration]. Another positive benefit from the [bird feeder].
More [birds at feeder] increases the need to [buy bird seed]. Had you given much thought to how much bird seed you would need and how much it would cost? Probably not.
As you continue to [buy bird seed], spending money you hadn't counted on, it adds to your [frustration] level, thus detracting more from your [pleasant morning]. Not something you really wanted to happen.
More [birds at feeder] increases [spillage] which increases the need to [buy bird seed] and you already know where this is leading. Yes, more [frustration]. But wait, there's more!
Had you thought about what else the [bird feeder] might attract, like the ever present eating machine, [squirrels]?
[squirrels] tend to chase away [birds at feeder] which isn't going to make for a [pleasant morning], unless you like watching [squirrels].
[squirrels] aren't there for the birds, they're there to eat. This just means a greater need to [buy bird seed]. It would be bad enough if they just ate, though they also create [spillage] and they don't clean up after themselves. Now there's more need to [buy bird seed]. At this rate there may not be money left to buy breakfast.
[spillage] also tends to attract [rodents] and figuring out what to do about them is likely to increase your [frustration]. Oh happy day!
[spillage] also tends to promote [unsightly growth] around the base of the [bird feeder]. This is simply one more thing you'll have to figure out how to have to take care of. More [frustration] on the way.
And [birds at feeder] may leave [bird poop] everywhere they fly over, which is usually very unsightly and quite difficult to remove. Just one more thing to add to the [frustration].
Hopefully this story provides a sense of what happens when we think in one dimension, i.e., action produces result, and how easy it is for an action to influence many results. Many results oftern not thought about in the beginning. As you continue the interactive experience your ability to consider one action and many results will continue to develop.

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