A party management capability
The purpose of the party management sub-system model intends to provide a visual of the variable and associated converters.  

A person only must be managed by legal obligation when the background and/or educational experience to perform the activities in the role as defined and published.    

a Worker variable 
An employees role as a worker (may be converter) variable includes employees and supplier workers.  

An employee has a legal arrangement with the employer directly.  

An employee as a worker-the legal relationship between an employer who has established a set of activities the person will perform. 

Commerce and Regulatory or Certifications
General Accounting Acceptable or Regulatory practices controls these legal relationships by definition of validity.  

A commerce relationship must have evidence of the legal arrangement in order to report the expense or revenue on financial statements.   

Financial Statements must be fact based according to GAAP/GARP and in order to ensure validity a set of practices were introduced to capture and audit those activities.  

In 2002, after several global organizations were found to have used creative accounting practices or facts were subjective and not based on the actual outcomes of a process.   

Provides a definition of the types of workers an Enterprise may need to have identified and entitled appropriately to ensure the correct liability and manage risk without assuming cost your resale channel has agreed to manage.   
While other types of workers are once removed by way of the relationship between the organizations who are considered suppliers of goods or services.  

The agent of the supplier represents the supplier first and has a contractual or temporary service agreement with your organization or agency.  

In a supplier contract worker agent the user would be acquired to supply a service on a specific project or subject area which your employees are not typically specialized.  If you have acquired a contract worker; you have acquired specialized skills.  

The organization and agency will identify qualified candidates who must meet the qualifications to perform a set of activities. 

If you have a temporary worker the worker supplants a gap or supplements a set of skills which you have yet to locate a qualified candidate to fill the role.  

Customers and Consumers

An organization and agency "seller" acquires various "buyers" who are also legal entities with an existing evidence of arrangement.  Each arrangement typically has unique language that may be misunderstood as legal risk if not highlighted and made visible for the business process owners of the expense and revenue transaction capabilities.   

A consumer has no legal relationship directly with your organization or agency.  

Therefore, the consumer would not be managed in your customer repository.  

The consumer may be managed in a contact repository without any updates to your customer master records.  

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