Alexandrium Cyst Model - Gulf of Maine - N stock
1D harmful algal bloom model for Alexandrium fundyense based on population dynamics based on models developed for the the Gulf of Maine described in McGillicuddy, Anderson et al. (2005) and model by Stock, McGillicuddy et al. (2005).

This version of these models allows for the Alexandrium cells to control the DIN concentrations and for model limited nutrient scenarios by controlling 'DIN rate in'.  Given that Alexandrium is usually a small component of the phytoplankton biomass in the region, this version of the model is not necessarily appropriate for all events in the Gulf of Maine region and has been developed for regions were Alexandrium populations are the main controlling factor of dissolved nitrogen concentrations.


McGillicuddy DJ, Anderson DM, Lynch DR, Townsend, DW 2005. Mechanisms regulating large-scale seasonal fluctuations in Alexandrium fundyense populations in the Gulf of Maine: Results from a physical–biological model. Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography, 52(19), 2698-2714.

Stock CA, McGillicuddy DJ, Solow AR, Anderson DA, 2005, Evaluating hypotheses for the initiation and development of Alexandrium  fundyense blooms in the western Gulf of Maine using a coupled physical-biological model. Deep-Sea Research II: Topical Studies in Oceanography, 52(19):2715-2744.

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