Assignment 3
Shriya Ghai, 44110081

Crime Rate in Bourke
This model seeks to examine how the Youth and Adult of Bourke affects the police expenditures and community expenditures. The model is depicting about two different categories, i.e Youth and Adult but are connected by two variables i.e. Expenditure on Community Activities and Police.

Bourke : 3000
(I have assume that there are a high number of Adult as compared to Youth in Bourke)
Adult :2000
Expenditure on Community Activities: 66
Police: 81

Youth Crime Rate : 0.6
Adult Crime Rate: 0.4
(Assuming that crime committed by Youth is more than crime committed by Adult)

About The Graph:
Youth commits crime and gets convicted but not everyone. The convicted ones are sent to detention where they spend their detention period and are released after that. There are some who improve after this period but there are also some people who recommits crime. Youth are registers/gets involved in various Community activities. 

If people in Bourke take part in community activities, if will be good for them. Government is investing in community activities and police so that the crime rate decreased and more and more people get involved in different activities.

Also, there are two sliders; Police and Expenditure on Community Activities. We observe that if we increase the number of police, there is a significant decrease in crime rate. Feel free to use the sliders and observe how the crime rate and community engagement/activities changes.

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