Free and Open Source

Insight Maker Free

Insight Maker is free to use. It is free to build a model, it is free to run a simulation, it is free to embed the model in your blog or website. We make Insight Maker free because we strongly believe that people who use it to explore important systems will be able to make better decisions that will benefit us all.

Insight Maker is Open Source

In addition to being free, Insight Maker is an open-source project. Want to see what algorithms are used to run your model? Just take a look at the source files. Insight Maker's source-code may be used and modified as covered by the terms of the Insight Maker Public License.

External Packages

Insight Maker uses a number of third party packages including:

The copyrights for these packages are held by their respective authors and their use is governed by their respective licenses.

And special thanks to Jim Cameron for developing custom icons for Insight Maker. He is responsible for the great snowball and balance icons. Jim can be contacted at jimbcameron AT