Civil Society - a person in an Agent Role (an individual)
The associated model supplies various types of relationships a person may have as "an agent" in a single day an individual may interact in many roles.  

The individual owns their identity as the person must protect or remedy any false information about themselves.

a) a person must know the information exist and who has the information.  
b) if the person was not aware of the information sold by a broker, is it fair to expect any person would release their identity for others to own?  
Not in the mind of any reasonable person, even if the person was a contract or legal expert.  
Not in the mind of any reasonable person, even if they could read the smallest text on a mobile device.   

Each person has a human right to be counted and to be equal under the law with all its protections.  

It is imperative that public and private partnerships with civil society are clear on the person having self determination and visibility into any information, images, video or data and its usage.  

Identifies the potential to share information based on the viability of a source and completeness.  
A capability to accept the information supplied as a service by any business or organization to every person the information was acquired about.   

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