WOW - fish Welfare and Oxygen in Water
WOW - fish Welfare and Oxygen in Water

A simple model for oxygen balance in a salmon farm.

Development notes:

Initial DO in mg L-1 (=g m-3)

Cage volume in m3 therefore DO mass per cage is in g m-3 DO X m3 = g DO

Salmon respiration from WinFish: outputs are in mg d-1, converted to g h-1. Used value of 1 g fish-1 h-1 taken from a 2.5 kg fish

Model runs only for 12h as an example. Long runs will take some time because a small timestep is needed so that the model is stable. Also for that reason all rates are parameterized per hour, and water inflow is calculated per hour.

A slider was added to allow the user to define the number of fish in a cage (from 50k to 150k).

Flow is currently only advection in X, and unidirectional.

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