Benefits Associated With A 360 Degree Feedback Mechanism
Impact of a 360 degree feedback is seen across teams, leaders and even stretch to an entire organization. The moment when an organization launches a 360 degree feedback module employees are reluctant to participate. Superior leaders may show a bias towards action and if you want to create positive results, then 360 degree feedback software is a right approach.

360 degree feedback provides insight to a management on what is working and which areas are a concern. With data obtained from the feedback you can take corrective action on an immediate basis in helping employees improving and contributing to betterment of their organization.

Till date when an organization decides to go ahead with a 360 degree feedback module, a cold response is evoked.  Typical response like “I have heard it all” Can Me asks others to be part of this survey or I do not want to know anything about it.

You cannot classify them as bad responses, but it is not good as well. The future is feedback on all counts. Gone are the days where you could rely on instinctive feedback though honest feedback about an individual is a difficult task. As leaders climb up the organizational ladder their leadership style along with performance dips down. People are displeased with those leadership positions and a less frank feedback is obtained on face to face sessions.

Benefits expected from 360 degree feedback

If analyzed clearly there are 8 major benefits of 360 degree feedback module-

Increase in self-awareness

Self-awareness means taking stock of your own personality levels. Figure out your strengths and weakness, emotions, beliefs or thoughts. When it comes to leadership self-awareness is important. Leadership means balancing your priorities. Even good leaders having leadership skills end up making mistakes as they adopted a wrong approach.

Each one perceives a good handle on how people see them. But people are surprised when they score low in comparison to their supervisor and direct reports score above them.  Rather than thinking better about yourself people should think great about you?  This will provide more confidence in your behavior

Classification of behaviors

If asked what all behaviors a good leader should possess, your mind would be puzzled. Merely asking about them highlights importance of it in an organization. Additionally it shows up whether you are highlighting more or a superfluous behavior and neglecting a weak behavior.

Figuring out how things are done as supposed on what is to be done

What would be better, pursuing a correct way even if failure occurs or adopting an all-out approach at any cost? Outcome vs. process becomes a question here as it is process as always. No guarantee is assured and by concentrating on the process you enhance probability of a better outcome. An added perk of reliability and predictability is assured.

Encourages dialogue

On the route from measurement to improvement dialogue is of vital importance. Process feedback or clarified behavior encourages a route to positive dialogue. A warm discussion between survey leader and survey administer gets the ball rolling. Part of the process of dialogue would include plans and goals being agreed upon. If needed it may include peers and employees.

If you walk up to an employee and ask how is my style of leadership? The most likely response is “It is good”. People are likely to respond better to dialogues or behaviors which encourage a positive dialogue on whatever subject you are likely to dig deep into.

Work relationship improves

A vital trait of any relationship is reciprocity, a mutual exchange program. A performance program feedback is seen to be a one sided affair as a supervisor or a direct report relationship. Things could be completely missing as peers feel that they do not like to say anything. If you incorporate this element on to a relationship, another point of reciprocal support has been developed.

Fosters personal development

Leaders are likely to have reached a position by behaving in a random manner. They are bound to process an element of ambition of drive which made them reach this position. A level of self-awareness is achieved where they are able to figure out their strengths along with weakness with honest leadership behavior. Honest feedback is necessary to analyze your own perceptions, figure out strengths and uncover blind spots. With digestible and easy areas to examine leaders are going to naturally grasp them leading to improvement.

Personal development is all about contributors become effective managers or how executives do go on to don the hat of a board member. An organization that provides for more personal development is likely to retain their employees, rather than seeking such opportunities outside an organizational set up. With a 360 degree feedback program natural areas of personal development are tapped.

Increases accountability

An enemy of accountability is ambiguity. Vaguer something appears, less chance of someone holding on to it. Co-workers end up taking behind each other and a natural reaction would be” I am going to take care of things when it arrives” It is not possible to guide someone in becoming a better leader or incorporate values of an organization. This is what a 360 degree feedback takes into consideration pass a legitimate remark on whether an employee demonstrated a particular behavior or not. This means that you can hold someone accountable for their behaviors. Though the best part is that if you have clearly outlined these behaviors, an individual will be able to hold on to it.

Betters performance

On the basis of all the above points the main point of consideration in relation to a 360 degree feedback is improves performance. Clarity is provided on how to work towards a better performance. It is not a magic wand and many organizations may end up implementing it in a wrong way. This might even force performance to dip than the earlier levels.

In a nutshell, no leader would have scaled new heights in an organization without display of leadership skills. They have a basic idea about their leadership style along with the expected strengths and weakness.

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