Reasons why you should ditch your car and use an electric skateboard

Just as the Weezer said it all the way back in 1994 that ‘’You take your car to work, I’ll take my board’’

Well we all can agree that they new how much damaging the cars are both to our environment and most importantly to our pockets. So, it’s time to ditch your normal and boring cars and time to hop on a board. There are many benefits of riding an electric skateboard both health and financial, so in this insight we are going to focus on that.

But there’s a catch with the traditional skateboards as they are quite slow and requires a lot of effort. So it’s better to go for the electric skateboards as tey are much more practical and easy to use in day to day life.

So, without any due let’s begin


Lets checkout some of the benefits that you will get by ditching your car.

1.       Time and Traffic: According to a study by US Department of Transportation an average American spends an average 17,600 min driving each year which includes commuting to and from work.

2.       Cost: Commuting is both time consuming and expensive. However according to AAA you can save upto $11,931 a year by ditching your car. Also according to the balance if an average American spend 26 mins on average a day to work it will cost $2600 a year. So, you would save almost $2600 on gasoline alone.

3.       Speed: While many Americans opt for public transportation like buses and trains but they are not fast as you imagine in fact a study according to the American Public Transportation Association showed that the average speed of rail transit is 21.5 mph and the average speed of bus transit is only 14.1 mph.

4.       Electric Skateboards: If you go for the electric skateboards than you can expect them to be a lot more fun than your boring public transport of your car as they are quite fast. According to Wheels Compared an average electric skateboard can reach top speed of 18 to 28 mph.

5.       Mental Wellness: According to a study back in 2014, researchers reveled that when compared to those who drove a car, people who commuted by active transport (like biking and skateboarding) exhibited greater mental wellness.

6.       Hills: These electric skateboards are Insane when it comes to power as on a full charge you can enjoy a range of 12-18 miles of endless ride time. You can even go uphill on a 20% gradient with ease.

7.       Everyone Is Doing It: According to a study conducted by Parks and Recreation there are almost 16 million skateboarders in the USA and the trends are just growing and growing with the new electric skateboards on the shelves.

8.       Cheap: Electric Skateboards are cheap. So, just you know you can get one for around $500 or less if you are on a budget but also you’ve got some expensvie ones that are beast and have a greater top speed and range. But these expensive one gonna cost a lot more anywhere from $1000 to $2000+.

So that’s it all you need to know about if you are thinking to switch over to a traditional or an electric skateboard. All I could say is don’t waste your whole day spending hours and hors stuck in traffic and waiting on signals as you can get by traffic easily and efficiently on a skateboard. So what are you waiting for hop on a board and enjoy the ride.

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