Clone of Generic Simulator for a Community Support Model
The purpose of this model intends to supply common methods of measuring a population in a formal structure or known delivery model (as is). 

WICKED - student in an experienced based project
Ideally, a new education offer where students can model their community needs based on the population grouped in age appropriate sectors. 

Various needs are currently aggregated by these groups and therefore mapping the current offer to the new offers might be done by creating the vector or variables on either side of the stock and flow link. 

The model can best show the way a zip code maps the specific values into a city, county, state or nation. 

  • How many people are located in Geographical Information Systems? 
  • How many people are located in a zip code? 

The insight maker tool offers a host of simulation methods or adding in the details about the population allows the modeler an opportunity to simulate proposed changes.  

If we assume the stock and flow diagram is staged by any high school student in advanced courses, community college, university student or professional development program. Ideally, credits and nominal wages are paid to increase the economic development of those with the greatest need. 

Supporting the community wellness to happiness can be measured based on

Using a simulation model with generic variables enables others who adopt the model to expand upon the generic for local preferences with the assumption that the definitions are not altered at the generic layer.  

The outputs from the models must be retained for ongoing use as a national input (international if agreements can be attained) for the social responsibility metric and gauge of equal balance within the education systems.  

Those with the greatest need can be identified by the population density by zip code as done in 1998 in Escutia legislation for California.  

Zip Codes are static-population density by various variables are dynamic by Nation, State, County, City and school. 

Modeling the formal to informal education model in an open system modeling tool. 

Policy decisions which enable state or national networks of schools that work are an option for transforming schools.
Rocket ship education reached a landmark decision to open 20 new charter schools over a 3 year period. 

  • In cases where a district spans more than one district or city we must adopt the county metric.  

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