Assigment 3 Relationships among different players in Bourke
Relationships among different players in Bourke

This complex system is used to evaluate the relationships among different players in Bourke. This diagram show flows to which can be beneficial to certain aspects of the relationship or damaging in some social aspects among the different players.the social impacts have significant factors which include the following:


-  the amount of police force that are required to protect citizen

- the crime levels of the place that are associated

-  the sports membership that they play for

- The community development of the individual

- the relationships that the individual has

- the social class that the individual is associated with


some of the following characteristic have following relations that factor in greatly for either positive and negative values. This diagram has a gradual slope of increase or decrease depending on the type of variable. The police force and crime levels of crime are opposed to one another because Bourke should be a safe place for citizens to live in. The sports and community development have a positive relation that contributes to the interest of both sport and community. Lastly the relationship and social class are opposed to one another as people with a higher social class will mean less people are associated in it. The diagram is supposed to show the gradual increase or decrease of the variables in the Complex system.




police factor in the amount of crime or the chances of crime to occur. Police force are to protect and serve the community and make Bourke a safe place for citizens.




Crime is associated with all the problems that involve damaging the community and also factor on the amount of police that are in duty. If more crime increases so does the police force.



Crime versus police force:

 Crime and police force have factors that play an important role to manage and control the levels of crime that occur in Bourke. No matter how much crime occurs police always overcome the adversity to stop the amount of crime and is a gradual raise which would minimise the amount of crime from occurring from Bourke.


Sports membership

Sports membership involves the community involvement in participating in the sport. Sports are played to increase the interest of people who have a strong connection with the community of Bourke.




Community Development

Community development involves the community in supporting sports teams. Community development includes people going for their local team and supporting which also effects people who are interested in playing the sport.




Sports membership versus Community development

Sports and community both contain a positive effect among individuals in the town. As more people have a strong relationship between the community development this then factors the individual in participating in the sport itself.





Relationships are the amount of friends and family that an individual has. Relationships are definitely very important to build a strong sense of belonging to the community which can involve participating towards the community and sport.


Social Class

social class is the division of society or economical class that an individual is in. A higher social class means you are associated with different relationships and the interest that are associated in the social class.


Relationship versus Social Class:


Relationships are effected by the social class that they are associated with. The higher the social class the less amount of relationships you are associated with due to higher social class having less people in higher social classes.




Initial Values:


Relationships: 125

Social class: 50

Crime :50

police force: 75

community development: 300

Sports membership: 125

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