SUCROS Re Written in Insightmaker
A Simple and Universal Crop Growth Simulator written in Continous System Modeling Program III (CSMP)
(Keulen, H.van, Penning de Vries, F. W. T. and E.M.Drees. A summary model for crop growth. In Simulation of plant growth and crop production, eds F. W. T. Penning de Vries & H. H. van Laar. Simulation Monographs, PUDOC, Wageningen, The Netherlands. pp. 87-97).


Simulation can stop time at the same time (390 day) if DVS=1.8 not 2.
However the  WSO (wheat yield) = 4.293 t/ha > 3.805 t/ha (DVS =2 is used in SUCROS.CSM).

I am appreciate that if someone can help to improve the model of SUCROS written in INSIGHTMAKER.
Thank You.

ikt,  7 april 2017
Lab. System Dynamic
Indonesian Legume and Tuber Crops Research Institute (ILETRI).

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