Clone of Are purely physical processes capable of tuning their niche?
We expand the primary daisyworld model by generating a new species of black daisies. So we get White, Black grouped and Black fragmented daisies.
Now we want to investigate if the homeostasis is better than in the primary model.

For comparison we have both models in our insight project: the new model on the left side and the old model on the right side.
The old model has the same structure as the new model but we have deactivated the additional equations.

Lets test some values!

Please change the values only in the left model.

  phi1 = 0.05
  phi2 = 0.1
  simulate -> display "compare temperatures"

The result is very similar to the old model which means there is no really improvement of the homeostasis.

The previous values had the condition phi1 << phi2. Now change it into phi1 > phi2.

  phi1 = 0.2
  phi2 = 0.01
  simulate -> display "compare temperatures"

You can see a clearly better homeostasis.

  phi1 = 0.7
  phi2 = 0.01
  simulate -> display "compare temperatures"

Have a closer look at the value 20 years.
The result is better, because the stability of the homeostasis is better.

In Conclusion we get a better homeostasis when we have a lot of fragmented daisies change to grouped daisies and only a small percentage of the fragmented daisies grow to grouped daisies again.

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