Phyto 1 - PI curve for phytoplankton
Simple model to illustrate Steele's equation for primary production of phytoplankton.

The equation is:

Ppot = Pmax I/Iopt exp(1-I/Iopt)


Ppot: Potential production (e.g. d-1, or mg C m-2 d-1)
Pmax: Maximum production (same units as Ppot)
I: Light energy at depth of interest (e.g. uE m-2 s-1)
Iopt: Light energy at which Pmax occurs (same units as I)

The model contains no state variables, just illustrates the rate of production, by making the value of I equal to the timestep (in days). Move the slider to the left for more pronounced photoinhibition, to the right for photosaturation.

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