Zachary Chapman - 43309399 - Assignment 3 Final

The Insight shown demonstrates how demand and supply in a real estate market can affect pricing. 

Demand, Supply and Price have been represented by stocks. Each has an inflow where it has an increase in stock, and a corresponding outflow where stock is decreased. 

Linking each stock and flow is a variable that changes that which it is linked to. These have been labelled appropriately. Each variable takes a decimal value and multiplies it with that it is linked to, such as the rate of demand affecting the price set as 0.001*Demand. This is to generate the loops required to show the rise and fall in price, demand and supply.

Adjustments can be made to the price, supply and demand stocks to simulate different scenarios. Price can be between 400 (400,000) and 1000 (1,000,000) in accordance to average housing prices. Demand and supply can be between 0 (0%) and 100 (100%), although having these set as realistic figures will demonstrate the simulation best. 

Each simulation can be focused on how either demand and price interact over time or supply and price. These are shown in different tabs. 

When the simulation is carried out, the way in which demand and supply rates affect pricing can be seen. Demand and supply are shown with price following shortly after with a slight delay, since changes in market behavior does not immediately affect prices of housing. 

It should also be noted that the lines that represent each stock do not directly reflect the prices of housing in reality. Prices do not fluctuate so rapidly from 400 to near 0 like they do on the graph, however these are just representations of the interactions between each stock in a marketplace.

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