Real-Estate Cycle Brandon Sultana 43268080
Author: Brandon Sultana 43268080

This is a 3 year model that depicts the flows between Price, Supply and Demand in the real-estate market.

Throughout the model viewers can observe how the figures Price, Supply and Demand alter each other in an increasing or decreasing way.

Price is decreased by the growing supply of HousesForSale and increased by the growing demand of people wanting to buy. As Price decreases, HousesForSale increases and Price decreases as HousesForSale increase.

From the use of the graph it is evident that over 3 years the flow of house prices fluctuate and therefore more houses are sold at different times over 3 years.

The purpose of this insight is to help consumers and Businesses depict the best times to either buy or sell houses to maximize profits.

Additionally the market had to respect the number of possible consumers who are opting to build new houses, based on the rise and fall of house prices the real-estate analyses the new houses and residents in the area grow overtime.

Due to population growth, This cycle remains continuous so long as the real-estate company manages their resources effectively

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