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Vaccine use

Anthony Burton
Basic bathtub model. Stock at time t is a function of number of doses received minus number of doses administered and doses wasted.
  • 6 years 3 weeks ago

Clone of Creating the Future

Jin Lee

The future we create results from our approaches to situations we develop based on understanding relationships and realizing that if we don't plan to minimize unintended consequences we will most certainly be the victim of them. Context


  • 6 years 3 weeks ago

Cane harvesting

Enrico Andreini
  • Trying to figure out how to insert a rate function so that the model can show a rate of ha harvested per day.
  • Need to figure out if the rate for the actual harvesting time of 1 ha takes into consideration the non working hours.

Sugar Cane Harvesting

  • 6 years 3 weeks ago