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Insight Maker News 2017

Let Us Know What you Think

First, please take two minutes to fill out the annual Insight Maker Survey.

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Your feedback is very important to us and will help us prioritize development efforts in the coming year. Most Insight Maker features have been based on user feedback.

Simulation with Insight Maker Course

Simulation with Insight Maker introduces you to the development of stock & flow simulation models, which is where you turn when qualitative models can't help you develop the understanding you need. This is a free self-paced online learning environment from Systems Thinking World. Watch the video and see if this is something might be of interest.

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Learn How to Tell Stories with Insight Maker

Storytelling with Insight Maker is a free self-paced online learning program from Systems Thinking World that introduces the extensive capabilities of Insight Maker for unfolding models and simulations in a story form. We continually find that unfolding a model as a story makes it far more likely that the meaning will be conveyed rather than simply being overwhelming as is typically the case.

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Certified Systems Thinker Course

Certified Systems Thinker is a free self-paced online learning program from Systems Thinking World which attempts to cut through all the confusing chaos surrounding Systems Thinking and provides what is considered the absolute essence of Systems Thinking. Watch the video and see if this is something that might be of interest.

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  • Thursday; January 5, 2017

Insight Maker Survey 2015

Give Us Your Feedback

Please take two minutes to fill out the annual Insight Maker Survey.

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Your feedback is very important to us and will help us prioritize development efforts in the coming year. Most Insight Maker features have been based on user feedback.

Training Webinars

After filling out the survey, please take a few minutes to look at Systems Thinking World's 2016 webinar schedule. Initial sessions for Insight Maker, Relationship Mapping and Storytelling are currently available. Insight Maker Simulation Part I & II will be scheduled shortly.

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  • Monday; December 21, 2015

Insight Maker News: July - August

As the heat steadily rises in California, I hope everyone is the Northern Hemisphere is enjoying their summers. There have been some great improvements to Insight Maker over the past two months.

New Agent Based Modeling Tutorials

Gene Bellinger is developing an interactive Agent Based Modeling learning environment. Via a step by step presentation of the basic concepts you will learn how to develop Agent Based Models which provide a level of information about simulation elements not possible in continuous simulation models. A number of working example models are also presented as learning vehicles. Still developing though expected to be awesome. Check it out here.

Improved Tablet and Phone Support

We took a hard look at Insight Maker's current mobile support and analyzed ways to improve it. We made a number of changes that make Insight Maker's model construction work really well on iOS devices such as the iPad. These changes improve Insight Maker's usability on other mobile platforms such as Android.

More Vectorized Functions

Insight Maker's Vectors make it easy to extend a model to represent many different instances of a system. For example, imagine you have a model to simulate population growth in a single country. Vectors allow you to very easily extend that model to simulate each country in the world. It couldn't be simpler to specify separate parameters (such as population sizes) for each individual country using vectors and then to simulate all the countries at once using a single model.

In this release, Insight Maker's Vector support has been extended. Many functions that weren't vectorized before now are. For example, the following functions previously did not support vectorized arguments, now they do:

  • Seconds(), Minutes(), Years()
  • Step(), Pulse(), Ramp(), Smooth()
  • Delay(), Delay1(), Delay3()
  • PastMean(), PastStdDev(), and much more!
  • Sunday; August 23, 2015

Insight Maker News: May - June

We're excited to highlight some great new resources for learning how to use Insight Maker and for connecting with others in the Insight Maker community.

New Slack Community

To facilitate interactions among members of the Insight Maker community we've create an Insight Maker Slack site. Slack is a team support platform and the thought is that someone working on an Insight Maker model who might benefit from another perspective can just drop by the Slack site and see who's hanging out or submit a question.

You must be invited to use the Slack site, but we want everyone to join! If you would like to participate in this site, just send an email to Gene Bellinger and he'll send you an invite.

Insight Maker Simulation Guide

We develop models as simplifications of reality intended to promote understanding. When you ask questions about when, how much, or how long; and the risk associated with being wrong is substantial; a static model is just not up to the task. The only approach that has a least a chance of answering these questions is the development of, and interaction with, a dynamic simulation model. This guide will teach you how to build such a simulation!

Learn more here >

Insight Maker Storytelling Guide

Learn to improve your models so the insights you've invested effort in creating are communicated persuasively to others by:

  • Adding meaningful labels and notes
  • Adding images for impact
  • Unfolding the model as an engaging story
  • Publishing your model as a web article
  • Converting your story to a captivating video

Learn more here >

  • Saturday; June 20, 2015

Insight Maker News: March - April

We have loved seeing the awesome work our users have been doing with Insight Maker over the past two months. If you don't frequently visit /new, we recommend you check it out to see what other modelers are building.

As you work, we hope you are taking advantage of these two Insight Maker features that help you build great models:

Linked Simulation Results

After running a simulation, click the at the top of the results window to link the results to your model. Linking allows you to explore and interact with your model in these ways:

Get Instant Results Charts for every Primitive: Hover your mouse over any primitive in your model to see a chart of its values in the linked simulation. Explore your full model quickly and easily trace your results back to their key drivers.

Interactively Explore Simulations: Adjust the Sliders you have defined for the model and watch the linked results instantly update live. Results will change as you drag the sliders, giving you a fully interactive and responsive way to explore your model's behavior.

Groups for Collaboration

Insight Maker Groups are a great foundation for collaborative work. Perfect to coordinate interactions between a class or a team; Groups allow you to discuss and collaborate on models.

You can share models with a group and specify group-level access controls that let all members of the group view or edit the models. Additionally, you can have threaded discussions within a group about the models or other topics related to the group.

Groups can either be public or private, and we hope they will become a hub for collaborative model building.

  • Sunday; April 12, 2015