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Insight Maker News: November-December

Over the past two months a number of minor feature enhancements and bug fixes have been added to Insight Maker improving its capabilities and stability. What we are most happy to announce, however, is the release of our book: Beyond Connecting the Dots.

Beyond Connecting the Dots

Beyond Connecting the Dots is a new kind of book on Systems Thinking and Modeling. Rather than being stamped onto dead trees, it runs digitally on your computer or on your tablet. Because of this it can provide you an exciting experience that goes beyond the printed word. The models in the book are truly interactive and you can directly experiment with them as you read about them. Beyond Connecting the Dots is more than a book; it is a truly interactive learning environment that lets you play with ideas rather than just read them.

We were able to write the book after 400 people backed it on KickStarter. Beyond Connecting the Dots covers all aspects of Systems Thinking and Modeling. It starts on a very basic conceptual level and assumes you do not have a modeling or mathematical background. As the book progresses it becomes increasingly advanced providing you expert knowledge that will be both challenging and rewarding.

You can learn more about the book at

Featured Insight

The featured Insight for this newsletter is a combined System Dynamics and Agent Based disease spread model. The model tracks the spread of a disease from a central reservoir of contaminated water. System dynamics is used to model the concentration of pathogens in the reservoir and agent based modeling is used to model individuals in the population.