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Insight Maker News: March - April

The past two months have been good for Insight Maker and we wanted to devote this newsletter to two items: introducing a certification program for systems thinking, and discussing planned features for Insight Maker.

Systems Thinking In Action Certification

First, we want to announce a new certification program taught by Gene Bellinger. For about seven decades, systems thinkers have continued to ask about how to promote the greater adoption and use of Systems Thinking. And for seven decades systems thinkers have unknowingly been the greatest impediment of the broader adoption of Systems Thinking. Systems thinkers might be considered the poster children for Pogo's "We have met the enemy and he is us!"

Ken Blanchard commented in "The One Minute Manager" to the effect: "While almost everyone likes to buy, almost no one likes to be sold."

Based on this awareness, the STIA+ Systems Thinking Certification Program, beginning the week of May 4th, is intending to take a very different approach. The intent is for participants to learn how to solve problems so they stay solved and not create new ones in the process. There are aspects of Systems Thinking that support bringing this intent closer to a reality.

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New Insight Maker Features

We have a long list of features we would like to add to Insight Maker. To help us prioritize these features, we've put together a brief survey for you to tell us what features are most important to you. You can select from a list of planned features or add your own.

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