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Insight Maker News: May - June

We are pleased to announce the release of Insight Maker version 5! This release includes many new features which we are incredibly excited about.

Here are some of the great new things we've added since version 4:

  • A Stunning New Theme: Insight Maker now has a beautiful new theme. In addition to looking great, this theme makes it easier for us to extend Insight Maker with new features in the future.
  • Flight Simulators and Interactive Models: Insight Maker now supports interactivity during simulations. You can specify a time interval at which the simulation will be paused or trigger a pause on-the-fly. This enables the creation of interactive "flight simulators" along with games for experimentation and learning. Watch the Video Overview of this feature.
  • Great Mobile Support: You could always run Insight Maker on your iPad or other tablet, but in this release we have worked hard on providing even better support for these platforms. Every element in the Insight Maker interface has been adjusted and tweaked to work great with finger-based input. We've also added a new equation keyboard that only appears on mobile devices to make it easy to enter equations.
  • Enhanced Agent Based Modeling: Insight Maker's Agent Based Modeling tools have been greatly enhanced. Amongst many other improvements, agents now operate in continuous time. This means that events will occur precisely when you schedule them, instead of at a pace determined by the differential equation solver. This enables better performance and more accurate simulations.
  • And Much More: Diagram image export, experimental XMILE import support, new diagramming features such as line weights, and a new loading screen. These are just some of the other new features added to Insight Maker as part of version 5. Watch this Video Overview to learn more.

We hope you enjoy these new features and we look forward to adding more exciting capabilities to Insight Maker in the future. We also wanted to remind you that the Systems Thinking Certification Program is ongoing and has rolling signups. You can learn more here.