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Insight Maker News: September - October

Over the past two months, exciting features have been added to Insight Maker. Here are some highlights

New Equation Editor

Insight Maker has a powerful new equation editor. This editor includes many new features including:

  • Syntax Highlighting: The editor now colors your equations so you can easily identify the different parts of the equations.
  • Automatic Indentation: For multi-line equations, Insight Maker will now intelligently indent your blocks of code.
  • Parentheses Matching: Insight Maker now highlights matching parentheses, helping you write complex nested expressions.
  • Find and Replace: The new editor has powerful Find and Replace features that include support for Regular Expressions.

The JavaScript action editor has also been extended with these same capabilities making it much easier to edit Button actions.

New Improved Error Reporting

Insight Maker leverages the capabilities of the new equation editor to provide improved error reporting. This improvement comes in three forms. First, we provide more specific error messages in many cases. Second, for multi-line equations, we now identify the exact line an error occurred on. Lastly, we now catch and flag many errors interactively as you edit your equations. Combined, these improvements make it much easier to catch and fix issues with your equations.

And One More Thing...

One of the most popular feature requests for Insight Maker has been curved links. Today, that is now a reality and you can create beautifully curved links in your models. Take a look at the embedded model diagram for an example of curved links.

To add a curve to link, Shift-Click on that link. This will create a waypoint that you can drag to control the path of the link. You can Shift-Click again to add more waypoints to have complete control over the link's path. You can remove an existing waypoint by Shift-Clicking on it. Don't forget that you can use the Style Menu to control other aspects of the link such as its thickness, dashing, and color.