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Insight Maker News: November - December

In this newsletter we are pleased to announce a set of fantastic new courses and the exciting new Insight Maker Journal.

Announcing Insight Maker Courses

Over the past months, Gene Bellinger has put together a fantastic set of online courses to help people learn effective modeling. If you wanted to start experimenting with Insight Maker but didn't quite know where to start, these courses are for you. By using the course links in this email you will receive a large discount for each of the courses.

Simulation with Insight Maker If you are new to Insight Maker, we recommend you start with this course. In it, you will develop models as simplifications of reality intended to promote understanding. This course provides a foundation for developing dynamic simulation models with Insight Maker.

Once you understand the basics of Insight Maker, try one of the following two courses that give you effective advice on how to apply your modeling knowledge.

Systems Thinking Demystified It is often said that the majority of today's problems are the direct result of yesterday's solutions. It is evident that we're not nearly as good at predicting and resolving issues as we could or should be. As you will learn in this course, it is possible to be far more effective at dealing with problems.

Effective Problem Solving We are surprised by problems that catch us off guard. As we seldom have the time we'd like to address the problems, our immediate response is usually to try to figure out how to make the problem go away and just get things back to the way they were before. In doing so, we miss a great opportunity for progress and often we simply make things worse. In this course, you will learn how to use Insight Maker models to take advantage of the unique opportunity problems present.

Gene is also in the process of developing a new course on modeling with Insight Maker. By signing up for it now, you not only get a big discount on the final price, but also help to shape the course's development.

Creating Insights with Insight Maker A collaborative effort to create a guide for the development of models that promote understanding and surface insights. It is still under construction and you can only access it with the password "systemswiki".

Announcing the Insight Maker Journal

Insight Maker is planning to launch a journal highlighting the innovative application of Insight Maker to key domains and problems. The journal will be published every four months. The first issue on healthcare will be edited by Geoff McDonnell. If you have experience in the healthcare domain and are interested in contributing, please contact Geoff at