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Insight Maker News: January - February

It's that time of year again and the annual Insight Maker Survey is released! Please take two minutes to let us know what is working and what isn't in Insight Maker by filling out the survey.

Publish your Work in the Insight Maker Journal

A reminder for those who wish to contribute to an inaugural issue of the Insight Maker journal on the theme of health and healthcare, please contact Geoff McDonnell before the end of February.

The issue, due for publication in April, will use the publish article feature in Insight Maker.

Insight Maker includes powerful features to help you build persuasive narratives around your Insights. To submit to the Insight Maker Journal, you should use these features to add a story to your model and then publish your story as an article.

Telling Persuasive Stories with Insight Maker

Insight Maker's storytelling feature guides the viewer of your insight through the model step-by-step. Storytelling allows you to highlight and hide certain parts of the model structure in order to help the viewer focus on specific elements.

After you have created a model, you can add a story to it by opening the Story Designer under the Share menu. Once the story has been added, users who visit your model will be led through your model according to the story you have laid out.

Publishing your Stories as Articles

Storytelling augments an Insight Maker model with a guided tour. Articles build upon this and go a step further, transforming your model and story into an elegant, static web page.

When you convert a model into an article, the steps of the story are effortlessly serialized into a crisp web page with nothing to distract the user from the message you are conveying. The model diagram and results graphs are turned into clean pictures, so the reader does not even have to wait for the model to load or run.

The published articles are optimized for desktop and mobile devices and are absolutely gorgeous. When you have a single message you want to communicate, Insight Maker articles are simply the perfect thing to share with others.

Want to learn more? Just take a look at these examples of published articles: