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Insight Maker News: March - April

We have loved seeing the awesome work our users have been doing with Insight Maker over the past two months. If you don't frequently visit /new, we recommend you check it out to see what other modelers are building.

As you work, we hope you are taking advantage of these two Insight Maker features that help you build great models:

Linked Simulation Results

After running a simulation, click the at the top of the results window to link the results to your model. Linking allows you to explore and interact with your model in these ways:

Get Instant Results Charts for every Primitive: Hover your mouse over any primitive in your model to see a chart of its values in the linked simulation. Explore your full model quickly and easily trace your results back to their key drivers.

Interactively Explore Simulations: Adjust the Sliders you have defined for the model and watch the linked results instantly update live. Results will change as you drag the sliders, giving you a fully interactive and responsive way to explore your model's behavior.

Groups for Collaboration

Insight Maker Groups are a great foundation for collaborative work. Perfect to coordinate interactions between a class or a team; Groups allow you to discuss and collaborate on models.

You can share models with a group and specify group-level access controls that let all members of the group view or edit the models. Additionally, you can have threaded discussions within a group about the models or other topics related to the group.

Groups can either be public or private, and we hope they will become a hub for collaborative model building.