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Insight Maker News: May - June

We're excited to highlight some great new resources for learning how to use Insight Maker and for connecting with others in the Insight Maker community.

New Slack Community

To facilitate interactions among members of the Insight Maker community we've create an Insight Maker Slack site. Slack is a team support platform and the thought is that someone working on an Insight Maker model who might benefit from another perspective can just drop by the Slack site and see who's hanging out or submit a question.

You must be invited to use the Slack site, but we want everyone to join! If you would like to participate in this site, just send an email to Gene Bellinger and he'll send you an invite.

Insight Maker Simulation Guide

We develop models as simplifications of reality intended to promote understanding. When you ask questions about when, how much, or how long; and the risk associated with being wrong is substantial; a static model is just not up to the task. The only approach that has a least a chance of answering these questions is the development of, and interaction with, a dynamic simulation model. This guide will teach you how to build such a simulation!

Learn more here >

Insight Maker Storytelling Guide

Learn to improve your models so the insights you've invested effort in creating are communicated persuasively to others by:

  • Adding meaningful labels and notes
  • Adding images for impact
  • Unfolding the model as an engaging story
  • Publishing your model as a web article
  • Converting your story to a captivating video

Learn more here >