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Insight Maker News: March-April

Insight Maker Improvements

Insight Maker has improved support for multiple languages. You can now name primitives using non-latin alphabets and characters with accents. This support for more complex character sets is pervasive throughout Insight Maker. We're also interested in providing Insight Maker to you in your language. If you would like to see Insight Maker in another language, let us know. If you can provide support in translating Insight Maker, that's even better!

Insight Maker sliders now have a step size property. This property allows you to configure the valid values for a slider. For instance if you have a slider representing a year, you could set the step size to one to make sure only exact years could be selected. You can also implement an on-off switch slider using this property.

Featured Insight

This Foraging Model, is a simplistic illustration of several animals foraging within an environment. The model demonstrates the use of Agent-Based Modeling to simulate movement and behavior. Furthermore, the model is a good example of how to have different types of agents interact with each other.