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Insight Maker News: September-October

There have been many updates and enhancements to Insight Maker over the past two months. Here are some of the key changes:

• Flight Simulators and Interactive Models

Insight Maker now supports interactivity during simulations. You can specify a time interval at which the simulation will be paused or trigger a pause on-the-fly by calling the new Pause() function. Once paused, users can adjust model parameters before resuming the simulation. This enables the creation of interactive "flight simulators" along with games for experimentation and learning. [Video overview:]

• Improved Diagraming

Insight Maker's diagramming tools have been enhanced with a number of new capabilities. Links and flows have been extended with the ability to specify linewidth along with whether the line should be dashed or not. You can also now set the start and end arrow types for all lines. Additionally, you can now rotate any primitive in your model. These changes enable you to create even better diagrams for your models.

• More Powerful Agents

Insight Maker's Agent Based Modeling tools have been greatly enhanced. In addition to the existing visual language for describing agent behavior, you can now programmatically extend an agent giving it new functionality and behavior. Agents now operate in continuous time. This means that events will occur precisely when you schedule them, instead of at a pace determined by the differential equation solver. This enables better performance and more accurate simulations.

Featured Insight

The featured Insight for this newsletter is an interactive climate model developed by Mark Heffernan and Geoff McDonnell from John Sterman’s paper in Science. The model allows you to experiment with different parameters in order to obtain the desired outcome.