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Health Care

Clone of Clone of Clone of Hospital Emergency and Elective Admission Interaction Simulation 1


Simulation model version of IM-398 CLD (which lists the reference).The dynamics of emergency and elective admissions competing for vacant ward beds in a hospital. Here Bed Capacity is a fixed parameter.  For discharge dynamics see IM-14124. For an adjusted bed capacity stock see IM-14144.For backlog and services see IM-8382

Health Care Patient Flow Hospital Emergency

  • 18 hours 45 min ago

Clone of SIR Infectious Disease Model


This is a simple SIR infectious diseases 3 stock model with Susceptibles, Infectives and Recovereds stocks. In the initial description the R signified Removed and could include Deaths, Recovered with immunity to infection (Resistant) or those who had fled the epidemic. Note the need to initiate the epidemic by adding a pulse of a single infected person at time 0. Compare with Bass Diffusion Model IM-610

Health Care Infection

  • 3 years 1 month ago

Clone of Urban Dynamics

Susanne Sonntagbauer

An adaptation of the URBAN1 Model from Navid Ghaffarzadegan, John Lyneis and George P Richardson's How small system dynamics models can help the public policy process. System Dynamics Review 27: 22-44 (2011) Conference version at  and LA Alfeld and AK Graham's Introduction to Urban Dynamics 1974 p 195.

Health Care

  • 7 years 5 months ago