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the pbg virus

This is a simple SIR infectious diseases 3 stock model with Susceptibles, Infectives and Recovereds stocks. In the initial description the R signified Removed and could include Deaths, Recovered with immunity to infection (Resistant) or those who had fled the epidemic. Note the need to initiate the epidemic by adding a pulse of a single infected person at time 0.

Migration and infection propagation

This insight is about infection propagation and  population migration influence on this propagation. For this, we defined a world population size and a percentage of it who’s infected. Then, we created an agent where we simulated possible states of an individual. So, he can be healthy, infected (with an infection rate) or immunized ( with a certain rate of immunization). If the individual is infected, he can be alive or dead. Then, we simulated different continents (North-America, Asia and Europe) with a migration between these with a certain rate of migration (we tried to approach reality).


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