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Enterprise And Business Architecture

Clone of External Risk and Stakeholder Interest

Generic and Common fundamentals of Business

The model includes the generic or common requirements applicable to any industry, while industry specific models would expand upon this work the following are generic and actually the same audience regardless of the systems used to Acquire these Party Management Capability components.   

Party management capability a component in the five capability model includes the following.  

Principles with Customers 

Principles with Suppliers 

Principles with employees

Clone of To Be Business and Technology Architecture

Enables the different components in the 5 capability model in a visual manner for Enterprise and Business Architecture stakeholders.  


5 Capability Model
The 5 capability model has many stock and flow children which each organization will need to model based on their current state.  

  • Aligns to APQC Process Framework
  • Aligns to Principles in ISO 9001, 26000 and 27001 



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