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Clone of Simple Thermostat Example

Paul Newton
The simplest negative feedback dynamic: a constant upper limit.  Used to explore Insightmaker options.
Note: temperature units don't work.  The simulation uses dollars to show how the relationships between units.  Removing units (making every variable unitless) is also an option.

Introduction Thermostat

  • 3 years 1 week ago


Paul Newton
This is the Project Challenge in the Insight Maker Essentials lesson on Kumu. This lesson was developed by Gene Bellinger. I developed this relationship diagram as I was following along watching Gene introduce Insight Maker.
  • 5 years 4 weeks ago


Paul Newton

I propose we grow this sim model (or similar) over time to help ourselves better understand the opposing investment and austerity strategies now being advocated for the U.S. government. The hope is to build as simple a model as possible that subsumes the major underlying feedback loops that probably exist in the mental models of proponents of each of these positions. Starting this model was inspired by this Investment vs. Austerity discussion

Economics Austerity Macroeconomy National Investment

  • 5 years 8 months ago