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Climate Stabilization Task

Gene Bellinger

The model starts in 1900. In the year 2000 you get the chance to set a new emission target and nominal time to reach it. Your aim is to have atmospheric CO2 stabilise at about 400 ppmv in 2100

From Sterman, John D. (2008)  Risk Communication on Climate:  Mental Models and Mass Balance.  Science 322 (24 October): 532-533


  • 5 months 4 weeks ago

Insight Maker or Kumu

Gene Bellinger
One question that I seem to be getting more and more often is "Should I do this in Insight Maker or Kumu?" At one time that was an easy answer, and still is for certain things, for others it's becoming more and more difficult. There is a also a 

Udemy CST

  • 5 months 4 weeks ago