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Guy Lakeman

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Its life but not as we know it!

Guy Lakeman is semi retire international Broadcast Engineer with many groundbreaking television and satellite and radio stations he has been consultant project director.

Guy Lakeman began in the manufacturing area of 2 inch tape video tape recorders and digital coded editong systems in the early 1970s and went on to graduate from London University, King's College in 'Applied Nuclear Physics' and 'Communication and Information Theory' with some post graduate work in Astrophysics.

After a short spell at CERN after university, about ten years working in TV facilities companies and Major Broadcasters Guy formed his own company to freelance as interim management for broadcast and ICT based projects for broadcasters, theatres, advertising agencies and bank software engineering.
In 1990 Guy moved out of the UK to Hong Kong as Europe was becoming unhealthy for his business.  Since moving to Hong Kong Guy moved to Singapore, Malaysia completing many international projects and then to Thailand where he has now retired and resides with his Aquaponics farm which uses broadcast TV media monitoring and scheduling technology ICT for solar powered growth of exotic foods.

We hope Guy's deep understanding of complex mathematical modelling required for Applied Nuclear Physics, Elecromagnetism and Information theory is helpful to you.