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The depth of your Math essays will depend on the audience you are addressing your works. For an audience of highly qualified mathematician scholars, students need to be innovative, so that they can find logical solutions to a particular problem using three or more different methods. However, for a mixed audience, students can try to prove a given math theorem or geometry puzzle using the logical conclusions as derived from the existing theorems and formulae.

In any case, this type of essay will require a topic that is related to the subject of Math only. However, students are allowed the flexibility of writing their essay in any essay format, since they can go beyond the APA or MLA style of writing for preparing such essays.

A few steps, starting from selecting Mathematical topics, are given below for the students to explore and expand while writing Math essays. However, students can enhance their knowledge of writing any type of essay by going through other topics as well like,  informative research topics, etc..

Topic selection

Students must remember that this is a professional paper and the topic should be related to the subject only. For example, students can pick up a geometrical exercise that requires some imagination also and certain calculations to come to its logical conclusion.

Many textbooks on the subject can help students to select a topic, which they can explain comfortably. Students can also make a mathematical model prove any established theorem.

Prepare an outline for your project

If the students have prepared a model for solving any geometrical quiz, they must explain in the outline page about the model in brief and the questions it has posed, to be answered in the essay body. However, students need to remember that an outline for such essays is different from the essay outline usually followed while writing any literature or humanities essay, like an opinion essay, all information about writing you can get at

Your outline should be informative about the questions that you have posed in the quiz. However, care should be taken that the number of questions are not too many or very few. Anything like five to six questions will do for writing each of your Math essays.

This shall be followed by the introduction part of the essay and then the main essay body and conclusion.

Draft your solutions

Once students have identified the questions, it is essential that they solve them using at least two different logical solutions for each question. This can be done by giving the formal solution first and then trying to work it backward to derive the solution using other formulae that may have a relation with the question as well.

Once the draft is ready, recheck the solutions and your explanations of the same, to put in the final form in your essay, if you need help with it, you can get it at

Finally re-write your essay in a professional manner


Students must remember that all Math essays should be written in such a manner that the given explanations and logical formulae are well placed and properly fit with the order of the solution provided. Hence, it is essential that students finally go through all the essay contents and rewrite it as a mathematician. | Vancouver