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A conclusion is a prominent section of all essays, and you won't miss finding a good one in pre-written essay examples. While it is common knowledge, there are high chances of missing the point at this point despite having written a moving essay. It would be best if you strictly had no more than a restatement of your thesis statement and your brief opinion of what the writing is about. The contents of the conclusion must be ideas that a reader can easily trace in the body or the introduction to avoid creating difficulty in understanding the essay altogether, as is a characteristic of professionals in cheap essay writing service canada. In most cases, the first sentence of the conclusion paragraph is a restatement or paraphrase of the hypothesis statement. The following are some of the things you should be sure to avoid in your conclusion;

  • Introducing new information

  • Having concepts that are unrelated to the topic

  • Going beyond the scope of the essay

  • Explaining too many details since this is a mere wrap-up

  • Mentioning ideas that were not in the essay

Proofreading and Revision

This last step in writing an essay is overlooked by most people when writing.  An attractive compare contrast essay example is that which is free from mistakes, grammatical or otherwise. After finishing writing your essay of this type, it is advisable to read through it repeatedly to ensure that you check on the punctuations, grammar, and spelling. Reading through it is necessary as it helps to ascertain that there are no such errors since it is difficult to notice mistakes from your work. If you find it challenging to spot any mistakes, you may seek help from a friend or a classmate who has experience writing essays. Alternatively, some institutions are caring enough, and they are open to advising learners on how to get help with writing online and order custom essay. These professionals have emerged to be quite significant as they help students score good grades and positively impact their grade point averages. 


In conclusion, various essays are dependent on different guidelines that determine the score a person can attain. Indeed, getting these good grades is a demanding achievement that needs one to stick to the paper requirements. Therefore, it is essential to ascertain that your essay meets the requirement regarding its structure, wording, evidence, and conclusion. Most importantly, you should proofread it and make all the necessary corrections.