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Suzanne Parsel

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I'm a veterinarian with a passion for using my skills to improve global public health.  One Health,--the integration of human medicine, veterinary medicine and the environmental science for the promotion and protection of public health, is a concept that has long been understood by veterinarians. However, veterinarians as a profession are at the tail of the adoption curve when it come to technology and change.  Personally, I would rather deal with death and dying than to write code or learn new technology.  Nevertheless, it's an adapt or die world, so I am learning,...but I do enjoy learning systems thinking and developing models--somehow, that's different.  

It is my belief that One Health is the new paradigm for the veterinary profession and that systems think and modeling tools must be central One Health integration and implemenation. Additionally, veterinarians are the multidisciplinary bioscience professionals, and need to be adept systems thinkers and modelers if they are to fully leverage their training and experience to meet the demands of society.  My goal is to help introduce the veterinary profession to the power of systems thinking and collaborate in the development of a One Health infrastructure. | Arkansas,.. sometimes