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Leo Buerki

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My Education:
Lic. Phil. Nat., University Berne (Switzerland) 1988
Master systemic science, University Munich (Germany), 1989
Master science & technology, University Compiègne (France) 1992
Management education, ChaosPilots Aarhus (Denmark), 1994
MBA Fellows Program, MIT Sloan School of Management (USA), 1995, 2002

Systems Thinking
Complex Problem Solving Methods
Systemic Project Management
Process Management
Simulation (System Dynamics)
Systemic Knowledge-Management
Systemic Strategy Work and Consultancy

I'm professor of Systemics at University of Applied Sciences Berne (EMBA), Switzerland. Systemics is a registered name for “solving complex problems approach”. I teach Systemics and I do research for new methods and tools.

Started as a systemic professional at SBU – Studiengruppe für Biologie und Umwelt (Prof. F. Vester) in Munich; systemic study FORD Germany (1989). As scientific assistant at “Koordinationsstelle für allgemeine Ökologie” University of Berne, Switzerland (1991). Senior Lecturer of Systemics at Technical University Oensingen, Switzerland (1995) and systemic consultant in public health at University Trondheim, Norway (1997).

I'm consultant for systemic project management, process management, simulation and strategy work in different companies as University Hospital in Berne, Zurich and Lausanne and also in Regional Hospital Biel and private Hospital Hirslanden. Government projects in process orientated knowledge-management, industry (HP Switzerland; strategic transfer), (Migros; logistical simulation), banking (UBS Syntegration South Africa), insurance (Suva; simulation of business strategic processes), Swiss Agency for the Environment (holistic system analyze for Forts and Landscape) and some more.


Last year Sabine Krippendorf and I did inaugurate "Institut für Systemik" ( | Switzerland, Berne