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Edwin Gary Schasteen

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I am a professional math tutor and instructor at Cochise College. Besides math, I am into continuing education through self study, and enjoy thinking in solitude a great deal while working on small projects to research various questions that arise as well as collaborating with fellow adventurers who enjoy delving into some of the deeper questions. I tend to have a habit of trying to take on the most difficult problems I can think of...and haven't solved any of them yet, but I have a lot of fun trying, especially when working with others on such projects! Though the projects in question have little hope of success, and though we aim and intend to solve them, none of those hard problem endeavors have been fruitless as everyone working on each of them has gained a great deal of knowledge, insights, and skills as a result of putting concerted efforts into those endeavors. Best of all, I have had the pleasure of developing some truly great and deep friendships that have been formed as a result of taking on these problems together. That alone makes the journey most worth the trip!  

Bisbee, Arizona