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Stephan E Brown

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My passion is to apply systems thinking and modeling to the study and management of institutional and community change.


I am currently exploring ways in which concepts from cybernetics and systems theory can shed light on contemporary social problems. Especially, I am interested in the ways in which organizations, institutions, and communities create problems that distract attention away from their underlying causes and justify the status quo.


A first step to meaningful change is to recognize that our lived and stated goals do not align. The question then becomes: how to align the two purposes? This alignment is itself a goal-seeking process that requires "us" to step out of, and place, ourselves in a larger context of change. That context will be one in which the current misalignment makes sense to us as an incitement to change ourselves.


I continue to research and develop systems-oriented methods for asking the sorts of questions of problem situations that can help stakeholders determine the appropriate response. I see these methods adding significant value to inquiry and change processes, such as organizational and partnership strategic planning  and community change initiatives.


I bring a unique combination of training in systems thinking and content expertise in social systems and their dynamics. I am currently seeking employment and contract opportunities where I may continue to develop the application of "user-friendly" systems approaches to enhance the capacity of institutions and communities to manage change.