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Paul Ruston

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I'm interested in music as it may exist outside and parallel to the myriad [restrictions] of culture. My late mentor, James Tenney, described Theory as a recipe for Style, which I've taken on as a personal mantra. At the moment, I see my career as a relentless and sprawling 30-year pursuit to expose the most fundamental interactions involved in music and to merge the traditional elements of music into a singular dynamical system where Form is defined by the emergent phenomena of rhythmic entrainment manifest in timbre, texture, harmony, melody, rhythm and their liminal states (the blurry states between). The effect of style is a refined and rarified paradigm determined by cultural and personal habits of observation, imitation, replication, notation, speculation... 

It is my opinion, that all humans are musical to a degree generally unacknowledged. Our cultural environments and their embedded philosophies do more to shut down our musicality than to facilitate it.