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O. K. Ewell

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From an early age, I have believed that clarifying the relationship between the signs of things and the nature or purpose of things, causes a corresponding increase in the natural aptitude for using words and ideas to increase understanding. Much later in my life, I learned that this implies clarifying the natural conditions and logical reasons that fall or hold between the natural and explicit actual, (i.e the Cosmos) and the cosmological field of the possible (i.e the laws of Nature). For the last thirty-years, I have been invested in the investigation, development and production of a holistic model for producing systems of strong inductive and logical inference leading from the former to the latter.

Such an inductive system recognizes only two aspects of the real world: the reality of process and validity of relations What make it different than the decades long work in computational linguistics, on AI and the Semantic Web, is that the elements involved in the inference are inductive models of real symbolic processes rather than abstract propositions of logic. | Gainesville, Florida