MKT563 Assessment 4 - Simulation of Bourke youth alienation problem - 11641572 SHAN CHEN
Model Explanation

This complex system model visualizes relationships between the investment on police and community and the change of youth crime rate in Bourke, NSW.



Total number of youth population (aged 13 – 19 years old) in Bourke: 1,000


80% of Bourke youth population are assumed to behave negatively.

50% of alienated teenagers are assumed to breach of law or rules.

70% of alienated youth who breach of law or rules will be arrested by police.

60% of teenagers arrested are assumed to be convicted and detained.

40% of teenagers arrested are assumed not to be convicted and detained.

70% of teenagers detained are assumed to participate in juvenile community programs after being released.

70% of teenagers participated in community programs will rehabilitate.



Drugs & Alcohol, Domestic violence, Long-term unemployment

Police expenses

Community funding



It can be seen that the number of alienated youth and the crime rate will decline over time when investing more on police and juvenile community programs.

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