Modelling Individual
This model represents an individual as consisting of a brain coupled to an external environment. The brain will be modeled at a resolution of functional brain regions that are thought to be most important for effecting a person's learning in a classroom environment.

This model encodes both hierarchy relationships (brain and senses are part of an individual's body, which is, in turn, part of the environment), as well as causal relationships.

The hierarchy is containment and is represented by nested folders. The environment is modeled as a folder containing all objects of interest, including the individual's body as a whole system. The individual's body is modeled as a folder containing a brain and senses. The individual's body folder is contained inside of the environment folder to represent the idea that the individual's body is contained in, and is a part of, the environment.The brain object and senses objects are contained inside the individual's body folder to represent that the brain and senses together form an object and process that is internal to the individual's body (that is, is contained inside the individual's body and are part of the individual's body).

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